You have a great business coach!

And she really knows what you should do
to make the big bucks.

But does some of her advice leave you feeling…


You are a budding entrepreneur, following the advice of your business coach, yet you find yourself confused by the advice and direction she’s giving you. You need simplicity!confused sign


Perhaps you are scratching your head over the technical stuff your coach and assistant say are simple details, such as the difference between and You need detailed information!

Web Tech Divas WordPress TrainingUnclear?

Maybe you don’t understand why you should buy a premium theme when there are hundreds of free themes available. And what is a website host and why do you need it, anyway? Or do you think a shopping cart is just what you used in the grocery store? You need clarity!


Do you wonder how to organize the telesummit that you MUST host in order to build your list? Do you stress about finding speakers? Or about the autoresponder … whatever that means. And, what’s an OPT-IN page anyway?! You need explanations!

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

We Will Bridge the Gap!

We are Kim and Steph, the Web Tech Divas, and we are experienced WordPress web designers, online business managers, and virtual assistants. We have worked with many coaches and have already waded our way through the coach-lingo and confusion, and we can help you do the same! We provide you with individual attention and bridge the gap between what your coach tells you and the foreign, techy side of it all.
Q&A Help with WordPress
Our Get It Together! program will provide monthly training, a weekly Q&A session and an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs like yourself.  This is the bare bones,  basic essentials you need to begin.  It is the point where you step over the confusion and on to your success!

Join now while we are launching and get your first month free! Just use coupon code LAUNCH.